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Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip 50.

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Life Partner Tip 50. A Life Partner Coach.

First read this short email I just got from an old friend,

Hello Sasha.

I have been focusing my coaching business on working with people who are ready to get out of the rat race. And over the last few months, it has become very apparent time and again the strain that poor financial health places on people. It not only has been showing up in my clients, but there seems to be much about it in the newspapers and on the news lately ie. concerns around the amount of debt everyone seems to be carrying today.

So that leads me to this email and asking for your help. I would like to take on a number of new clients who are feeling trapped by their lack of financial control. I have both the skills as a coach and the personal experience of taming my own "money dragon" to bring to my clients.

Here's who I am looking for:

Struggling to make ends meet

Having trouble saving money

Feeling burdened with unwanted debt

Spending more than they are earning

Accumulating debt and sees no way out

Worries about money, a lot

Has a poor attitude or negative beliefs about money

Has a poor relationship with money

Thinking in terms of scarcity vs. abundance

Afraid of money

Denying or avoiding dealing with money

Who do you know is ready to take full responsibility for their financial health? Someone who is ready to step out of the rat race, and tame the money dragon before it becomes more of a problem. Someone who is willing to say NO to what they don't really want or need in order to go after what is really important to them.

If you know anyone that fits this description and would be open to some coaching, please send them this email or have them contact me directly either by email or phone.

Thanks for you help with this,


P.S. I always welcome clients with other challenges too!

Michelle Dunn, CPCC, ACC

Equilibrium Coaching


Or Call: 604-985-9391

I can tell you from my own experience that Michelle is a great coach. When we were studying together she was able to move me and other people through barriers, past fears and into a much more balanced thinking process with ease, grace and style.

She (and I) studied Co-Active Coaching with the Coaches Training Institute out of California. The material we learned there was amazing and totally transforming with two core ideas creating the foundation for all coaching. Those concepts are:

1. The client is Creative, Resourceful and Whole.
Therefore, the coaches only job is to completely support and lovingly challenge the client while he or she explores and moves forward.

2. Always Coach the Whole Person
Thus when a client comes to a coach with money challenges as the number one concern the coach starts there but will follow her intuition into any area that needs exploring because nothing is isolated in the human experience. Everything effects everything else. In fact, the challenges in one area are quite often cured by making changes in another "unrelated" area.

So by all means give Michelle a call and try a complimentary session and remember that solving your money challenges will put you in a much better position to be a truly equal partner in a life partner relationship.

Have fun and say "Hi" to Michelle from me!

To your success!


P.S. You can check out my coaching page at www.VersaCoach.com too if you want though I am not currently accepting clients.

By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is a relationship coach, founder of www.FindYourPerfectLifePartner.com and author. He lives with his life partner Amy, a large fluffy cat and still goes on romantic dates on a regular basis.

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