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Dancing... Love it, hate it or watch it...

Life Partner Tip 9. You Can Learn A Lot From A Dance!

Let's Dance - 6 Life Lessons Learned From The Dance Floor
By Derrick Hayes

I was born in the disco era of the 70’s and in my mind and heart I’m still a great dancer. On the dance floor is where you will find the real movers and shakers of the world. With over 25 years of foot moving experience I have looked back on my life to share with you the lessons that have helped take my life to another level.

Lesson 1 (Courage) I went to ask a young lady to dance at the first party I went to. I felt in my heart that she wanted to dance because I saw her moving to each and ever beat. In my approach, I was nervous even though I sat and watched others make it seem so easy. I took a deep breath, remained calm and said, “Will you dance with me, “and then she responded by saying “No.”

Lesson 2 (Persistence) You have a choice when you hear someone say no. You can stay where you are at or keep moving ahead. Never stop until you reach your destiny. In order to exist you have to persist. If it is something that you really want to do you will begin to turn that no into a yes. If they turn you down, Don’t worry because others are waiting to dance with you.

Lesson 3 (Knowledge) In order to be successful in any industry you have to know what goes on. You can do research to find out what music and dances are in style. If you need help in learning the moves you can hire an instructor to teach you. Knowing how to do it is only half of the equation. The other half is actually getting out there to do it.

Lesson 4 (Experience) There is nothing like the phrase game time. There is no second chance to make a first impression. Once you know you can dance, show that you can dance. The courage, persistence, and know how that you have will put you in the drivers seat to succeed at this stage in life. Even if you’re not the greatest dancer, just put your best foot forward. People are buying when you are trying.

Lesson 5 (Communication) Unless you do your footwork to an acapella beat, music will be part of the environment. Effective communication happens when people speak, listen and understand each other. When you are around noise make your words count by taking your time and speaking clearly. If it is not a good time to talk then don’t talk.

Lesson 6 (Decision) Dancing is a part of networking. Do you want to stay in touch with your dance partner or let someone else have the next dance? If you ask and they say no, remember there are others waiting to dance with you. If they say yes, then decide in your heart if you want them as a dance partner, business partner or life partner.

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