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Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number thirty nine.

You try and try, you read all the books, you even try meditation but...

Life Partner Tip 39. Your Manifestation is Just Not Working!

Manifestation Challenge #1.

The first reason is a simple one but it is most easily understood through a story.
Imagine being at a restaurant ordering ice cream. You decide on chocolate and tell the waiter to bring it to you.

The waiter takes your order to the desert specialist who starts to scoop out and prepare your treat. ut while he is scooping you change your mind. You grab the waiter and tell him to change your order to vanilla ice cream with a mint wafer. The waiter goes back to the confectioner and tells him to stop making the chocolate and to focus on vanilla instead.

So the desert chef starts again. But just then, you call the waiter to you again and tell her you'd really prefer strawberry with chocolate sauce instead. Once again the waiter rushes off to tell the desert chef and once again the chef tosses way what he was preparing and starts again.

You wait...and wait...and wait. But as the desert is taking forever, so you decide to leave and try another restaurant!

Think of the waiter as your sub-conscious.

The desert chef as higher intelligence, God or the Universe.

And the desert? That is your goal of the moment.

Do you see the problem? Whatever you have been asking for has been coming to you. But you stop asking, or you change your mind, or your give up just before it finally shows up!.

The first big hairy reason why your manifestation doesn't seem to be working is that you don't really know what you want. And because you don't know your higher self has a hard time providing it to you!

Good luck and see you next week for part two!

By: Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Sasha is a relationship coach, founder of and author. He lives with his life partner Amy, a large fluffy cat and still goes on romantic dates on a regular basis.

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