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Dear Friend,

Here is your Find Your Perfect Life Partner tip number twenty four.

To really be successful in life partner love, work and play and be like other successful people of all kinds you must be exicted about...

Life Partner Tip 24. Gasp... Selling Yourself! Or "Not Leaving Anything Up To Chance!"


What goes through your head when it comes to the word selling?

For most of us it is a shock of terror or maybe disgust, yet when you want to see the latest (insert your favourite movie director here) movie and your best friend wants to go out dancing, but you somehow talk him or her into going out to the movie what are you doing?

That's right... selling!

You sell yourself to a potential employer during a job interview.

You sell your ideas to your co-workers and supervisors at a meeting.

You sell every time you “go to bat” for anything that is really important to you.

Bottom line? No one is really afraid of selling they just aren't aware of how often they use sales skills in life and how important they are in the life partner dance.

And inevitably, those who recoil when someone tries to share something new are, without exception, people who are afraid to put themselves out. Sharing what they are good at or passionate about in order to influence someone else is characterized as "beneath their dignity” “demeaning” or just downright rude.

Of course, all of this is self-deception and fear coming through in the form of negative self talk.

In fact if you dig just a little deeper, people are put off by "going for it" because they face rejection when they attempt it. And because being rejected can be one of the most unpleasant things anyone can experience people wish to avoid it at all costs.

A little bit of honesty on this topic would be refreshing:

"Sharing what is good about myself and risking rejection is terrifying to me, therefore it's a bad thing. I wouldn't be caught dead "selling" myself in a life partner interaction, and in fact those who do are clearly missing the whole point because its supposed to be “natural”."

Well, maybe not that extreme, but something along those lines!

You'd think that people who are looking for a life partner would be somewhat beyond this view and of course, many successfully partnered people are. They understand that putting the best foot forward in a passionate way is simply an opportunity to share the value they offer to the world.

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