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Sasha F.P. LeBaron
North of Seattle

Dear Friend,


When people ask, "So what do you do?" I am not really sure how to answer sometimes. So I decided to put this little bio up so people would have a starting place.

I grew up on a farm on Hornby Island, one of the Gulf Islands off the coast of British Columbia. My father worked in construction and on the farm while my mom raised goats, cats, vegetables and my sister and I. Those days will always be some of my fondest memories. Picking blackberries in the summer, driving the tractor when I couldn't even reach the pedals, walking home along the dusty road on a warm night, trout fishing in the creek behind our farm and mostly just hanging out with my buddies from across the road.

After I was finished with school I bounced around the province doing construction and sales related jobs till I ended up back in school in Vancouver to study... computers. This was the beginning of my genesis as a writer. With the internet, my writing skills and a computer I could see that I could share with more people than ever before. After many false starts and also after "walking my talk" by using my own system to find my very own perfect life partner, I wrote a short book called, Find Your Perfect Life Partner: The Secret Laws Of Attraction.

I handed it out to friends and they had similar experiences to myself, that is, they did the exercises and then soon found a life partner. I knew then that I had to share this with the world and as I was already online with my own websites, the internet was the logical way to go. And now, after many trials, tribulations, hours, sleepless nights and dollars, anybody who is truly serious about finding a person to spend the rest of their life with can follow this simple step-by-step system and save themselves years of pain, struggle and loneliness.

So there you are. I still don't know what I do but it sure is fun! Now that you are feeling curious check out the main site at: www.FindYourPerfectLifePartner.com Also if you are looking for a life partner yourself or know someone who is you can download the first two chapters of my book for free and check it out. To access the free chapters click here and then fill in your details.

Note: If you are thinking of subscribing somebody else... Please Don't! Send them to this page or the main Find Your Perfect Life Partner page and if they are interested they can sign up themselves.

So there you have it folks!

The very, very, very... very short story of my life!

And on that note I sure hope yours is going just the way you dreamed it would!

Have a great day!

Yours Truly,

Sasha F.P. LeBaron
Founder www.FindYourPerfectLifePartner.com

P.S. Just in case you are visual like me, here is a picture of me taken by my life partner and

photographer Amy last summer.

Sasha 2005