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In My Book I Will Share With You How To Finally Find Your Perfect Life Partner And Begin To Build The Relationship Of Your Dreams In Just Minutes A Day...

I followed the book and am happily married (since 2007) now with a wonderful son.

After my own success I decided to create a whole e-Book, to take other people, just like you, through the process of attraction specifically for the same reason I used it for... finding your perfect life partner.


If you're tired of being single, being lonely, and finally want to start attracting the life partner of your dreams, here's what you'll find in my eBook "Find Your Perfect Life Partner"...

  • How to put your search for Mr or Ms Right on automatic and still have "better luck" than your friends

  • Secrets of manifestation and using UNIVERSAL laws to magnetize the exact partner of your dreams, down to every last detail

  • How attract your perfect life partner without using any effort.

  •  Discover how to present yourself in a way that is totally YOU but that will leave the "competition" behind

  • 3 techniques you MUST have to succeed in finding your perfect life partner
  • and how to use them to your best advantage

  • How to "rip up" the weeds that are choking your success and robbing you of your dreams

  • Uncover which values may be "scaring away" your perfect partner (one of the secrets to making this manifestation thing 'click')

  • How to use simple rules that virtually assure your success

  • What might scare off potential partners in a heartbeat and how not to do it!

  • How to start as a "best friend" -- and end up with a life partner love

  • How to program your "personal relationship computer" for success

  • How to actually meet your perfect partner

  • What to do when you have competition

  • The number one place not to go looking for Mr or Ms Right

  • 4 Secrets from relationship masters

  • "Sasha,

    I don't remember exactly the date, but it must have been just about 6 years ago when we first met... back when I was taking the first few kindergarten steps in my inner work..."

    Meeting you back then, I was amazed that people like you even existed. Not that I didn't know there were kind and supportive people in the world, but...

    Not ones that would beat a path through the jungle in the middle of the night to help you get through difficult times.

    But out of all the good things which have happened out of knowing you, the best has been, meeting my future wife, as a result of using your "Perfect Life Partner" manifestation process...

    I didn't even get through 2 pages of it, before she showed up in my life... I'll spare the details, otherwise it would sound too unbelievable for the people reading this later on...

     Today, years later, we are together, traveling the world, planning on having kids,... and, making the world a better place with our work together .

    We're moving even deeper into being with one another... and discovering the true meaning of one-ness. There really is a way to live together in peace, harmony, passion, and yes...mind-blowing sex :)... Without constant arguments, needless tears and pain,... and it all starts right inside of you, as you have shared with me.

    Thank you, I'm going recommend your book to everyone I meet, who's looking to finally give up endless searching, and start making a life with another person, instead of struggling to make a living."

    -  Kacper M. Postawski

  • Tips and tricks to make your quest easy AND fun
  • ...

  • How to spend less than 20 minutes per day attracting your perfect life partner and still get AMAZING results!

  • Best places to "catch" prospective partners in the mood to meet

  • How you can develop a new-improved mental outlook (that literally "programs" you for success) in less than 2 weeks.

  • Discover the best way to go about making your relationship a masterpiece of fun, joy and love...

  • A simple way of finding NEW life partners in any location and how to access it for FREE!

  • Discover the SEVEN best ways to make anyone like you -- add these seven techniques to your life and watch all your relationships go to the next level!

  • The secrets to writing amazing love letters that your partner will go crazy for and have fun doing it!

Yes... But How Much Does It Cost?

 Well... when you download the "Find Your Perfect Life Partner" ebook for only $3.99 right now, (YES that's right $3.99!) you'll also get to access these 4 powerful hand picked bonuses that are for customers only!

Bonus #1 "The 7 Human Drives: Special Report " (Value $24)

This "super bonus" takes you step-by-step through the Seven Human Drives, how they may be affecting you, understanding yourself and others and how to use these powerful primal urges including how to...

  • Do what your partner really wants but may be afraid to ask for
  • What do do in many "challenging" situations and how to turn them into "empowering gifts"
  • How you may be sabotaging yourself and what to do about it
  • And keys to making sure YOUR needs are being met
  • PDF Format


"Bonus #2"

Avoiding the Relationship "Killer"(Value: $22)

Did you know that there are ONE or two single common words that have more to do with the downfall of most failed relationships than any other?

And even for those who do succeed, these "words that kill" may hold them back from FAR greater success...

"In Fact, When I Fixed This ONE Mistake In My Own Relationship,
My Fulfillment Skyrocketed -- Almost IMMEDIATELY!"

When you read this bonus, you'll understand WHY so many people overlook this critical error... and how you make sure you STOP doing it, too! PDF Format.


Bonus #3 "101 Romantic Ideas that you can use today!" (Value: $19)

Did you know that the letters, notes and emails you use to share your feelings, dreams and thoughts with your partner can make or break your relationship?! It's true...

That's why, as a special bonus, I'm including some of the best "idea templates" that you can modify to create amazing intimacy that are guaranteed to make your relationship sizzle!

These "paint-by-numbers" ideas, concepts and plans make it easy for you to create amazing connection between you and those that are important to you... usually with VERY little effort or time! Comes as an easy to read PDF file


Bonus #4

"Email Coaching and Personal Newsletter " (Value: $399)

Did you know that simply having support when you make a new decision can improve your chances of success by 38%?

That's why I am offering 3 free email coaching sessions. Just follow the steps in the eBook, then if you get stuck or simply need a cheerleader fire off an email and I will personally follow up with you. This direct email coaching normally goes for $99.00 per month.

As well you will receive over 35 powerful extra bonus tips, techniques and articles via email when you download the package today. This type of support can prove invaluable when it comes to actually taking action and magnetizing the life partner of your dreams.



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